Project Design

During the Information Technologies project design phase, needs analyzes are prepared by our expert team by keeping world standards in the foreground. With these analyzes, systems are designed in accordance with your needs and standards. Meetings are held with manufacturers and all stakeholders related to critical issues such as the selection of hardware, software, installation, support and warranty procedures, which constitute the main components of the design, and the final design conditions of the project are determined and the plan is revealed and documented.

Some of our IT Project design and application areas;

  • Data Center
  • Server Systems
  • Network and Security Systems
  • Storage and Backup Systems
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Strategies
  • IT Security Automations
  • Standardization of End User and Main Systems and Determination of Procedures
  • Expansion of Existing Systems
  • Moving IT Systems (Server, Storage, Data Center, Virtualization, Cloud)
  • CCTV and Physical Security Infrastructure Components
  • Electrical and Electromechanical Network and Cabling Infrastructure Components
  • Infrastructure Design of BMS, PMS and Critical Systems