Logsign SIEM

Logsign is a complete solution that combines log management, regulatory compliance and security intelligence in one fast and easy-to-use platform. It provides organizations with improved visuality and a better understanding of their networks. Additionally, with its advanced threat analysis approach and advanced correlation capabilities, it enables you to detect threats much more easily, take precautions against threats and strengthen your security posture. It has excellent delegation ability and works in harmony with your teams to ensure enhanced security and high customer satisfaction.

Integrates with resources

It offers more than 200 ready-made integrations and free plugin services.

Collects and interprets logs

Normalizes, filters, parses, prioritizes.

Monitors and Visualizes Logs

It detects anomalies and threats and adds meaning to your data with hundreds of ready-made reports and dashboards.

Increases Your Security and Automates

It automatically generates alarms that allow you to take action.

Automatic Reporting for Internal Audit and Legal Compliance

It fulfills the requirements for legal compliance such as 5651, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, HIPAA, SOX and you can generate reports with one click or automatically.

Real-Time Data Monitoring and Dashboards

With security-based, pre-defined and customizable analysis, you can get visibility in the detail you want.

Correlation Architecture and Warning System

Combining all security logs and events from different sources with global cyber intelligence data, it enriches them in real-time and produces fast and accurate, actionable results.

Early Threat Detection and Prevention with Cyber Intelligence

It combines data received from local sources with global intelligence data in real-time, thus enabling you to detect potential threats and take action before they occur.